Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I see dead people!

That's all I need to say about this picture. He cracks me up with his funny faces.

A great big brother

This is what makes it all worth it. We didn't plan on having 3 kids but I don't regret it at all. When Bryer was born Deacon was only 13 months old. He didn't even care she was alive for a good 3 months. He's always been sweet to Bryer but to see him with his baby brother brings tears to my eyes. He LOVES Ryder. There are days I just sit and watch him play with Ryder. You can see the love and brotherly bond between the two of them already. As soon as Deaon walks in the room Ryder lights up and is smiling and laughing. I can only hope that they always remain this close. That alone makes having a 3rd child worth it!

Ryder gets the spotlight

I feel for Ryder sometimes. It is true what they say about the 3rd child unfortunately. I wish I had more time to spend just holding him and playing with him. I look at him now and hate how fast he is growing up. He rolls over, holds his own bottle, and now eats baby food. Where did the last five months go? In just a few months he will be crawling and talking. I'm excited to see him start walking and chasing Deacon and Bryer around but it saddens me to see my last baby grow up so fast. My mom always said to appreciate the time that they are tiny. It is such a short period in their life. They have only a couple of years to be your babies. Don't rush it. Now I know what she was trying to tell me.

2 going on 30

My little diva. I have a feeling that we are going to be in trouble when Bryer turns into a teenager. The girl loves the camera. After the 4th of July parade Deacon and Brodie fell asleep on the sofa so we got some girl time together. This is Bryer making up different poses on her own. We might need to get her an agent!

Fireworks in Stonebridge

Stonebridge has decided to bring back the fireworks! They shoot off right down the road from our house and hardly anyone was there. We met the Nimboorkars there and enjoyed and evening of bug bites and fireworks!

4th of July

This year we ventured to the parade in downtown Mckinney. I had the whole morning planned out for us. We would go to the parade at 9 and eat breakfast, watch the parade at 10, walk through the car show, and then pig out at the ice cream festival. Well, it didn't exactly happen the way it was planned. I forgot the ice cream tickets so we didn't get there until almost 10. We watched the parade and ate donuts. Deacon was super grumpy b/c we were up late watching the Stonebridge fireworks the night before with the Nimboorkar family. Little did I know the parade only lasted 30 minutes so we had an hour and a half to wait for the ice cream festival. We decided to leave and go to Baskin Robins instead. Funny thing about it is Deacon still thinks he actually went to the ice cream festival.

Father's Day

Every day I am amazed on how fast the kids are growing up. Most of the time I look at them and wonder where the time has gone. Everyone always tells you that your kids grow up too fast and to hold onto every precious moment that you can. Of course you never believe it until you have your own children. This fathers day I decided to document this special time. Amazingly everyone was happy one morning and sat down to tell Brodie how much they love him and why. Since this moment does not come often I was not ready and had to video the kids while they only had tshirts and underpants on. Oh well, that is our "typical" attire for the day. Of course Bryer was all over the place and just wanted to see herself on the camersa. I found out Deacon loves Brodie b/c they eat cheeseburgers together. Ryder said "I love you" in baby talk. It turned out to be a very cute video! I wish I could capture all those special moments and funny comments. Happy father's day to the best daddy ever!